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You might have taken on a new role, be in the middle of a career change or find yourself in an organization that has been turned upside down. Whatever it is, starting points for coaching are manifold.

Coaching is above all an intensive and thought-provoking reflection process. It allows you to step back and develop fresh perspectives, to turn a feeling of being stuck into new possibilities. Coaching supports you in your personal growth, to gain in self-confidence and to feel empowered to step up to your challenges.
The process might feel uncomfortable at times, but that's typically the moment when you learn and grow the most.
As your coach, I want you to gain clarity about your desired impact. Together, we explore your aspirations and build on your resources and talents to achieve those. We also uncover and work with your limiting beliefs, so they become your allies and not your show stoppers.
You determine the focus of your coaching and how to move forward from where you are right now, how to approach a given situation differently while remaining fully authentic.
When this happens, coaching becomes transformational learning.
Coaching is all about you!

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What does your coaching look like in practical terms?

Let's take a look at the process. A typical coaching runs over a period of 3-6 months - the frequency and length may vary depending on your topic. Each one-on-one session takes place in a strictly confidential setting.

An initial call

This initial call is free of charge and is designed to figure out whether we are a perfect match.

Does what I propose as coach correspond to what you need right now?

The coaching offer

Based on the insights from our initial call, I create an offer for your coaching.

Depending on your starting point and desired outcome the scope comprises 6-12 hours of coaching.

The next sessions

Throughout the next coaching sessions, the real coaching activity happens. We move towards your defined goals and deal with other related topics.

Coaching sessions last 60 minutes each, typically in intervals of 2-4 weeks.

The first session

In our first coaching session we design our way of working, an essential element to lay a foundation of trust and to create a safe space.

We also explore your coaching goals.

Between the coaching sessions

Major changes happen in between the coaching sessions - the reason my coaching clients receive reflection tasks and tools to work at their own pace and time. This personal investment allows us to deepen the focus in our next session and enables better learning transfer.
  • Deputy Head of Unit
    I absolutely recommend that you put yourself in the able hands of Julia Lemmer. Under her guidance you will embark in a journey that will bring your personal answers to any big or small management questions. Following your own rhythm and under your own priorities she will accompany you in a trip to grow personally and professionally, and at the end you will arrive exactly where you wanted to be.“
    Deputy Head of Unit
    European Commission
  • Sophie Pornschlegel
    "Julia's coaching was incredibly helpful in my professional development. Her open, honest and empathic coaching method allowed me to develop a clearer vision of future career options. I particularly appreciated the holistic approach that considers all aspects of your personal development. I would recommend her to anyone, whether you are looking for short-term professional changes or to explore more long-term career paths."
    Sophie Pornschlegel
    Think Tanker
  • Carmen
    "Julia successfully worked out strategies with me to grow in a professionally challenging situation. After ten months, I look back with pride at my personal successes and the strength I have gained. I appreciate Julia's gift of active listening and her pragmatic way of working out solutions. I am grateful to have benefitted from her rich experience and diverse repertoire of methods."
    Senior IT-Consultant

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