Coaching for leaders

What coaching can do for you
Our clients are people who aspire to make a difference in this world.

Starting points of coaching are manifold.

You might already be a leader in an organization or soon be growing into your first management position. You might just have taken over a new team or your organization went through a change and things have been turned upside down. You might be wondering about your next career step or how to cope with the amount of challenges your current position is bringing you.

Coaching is all about you!

Coaching is above all an intensive and thought-provoking reflection process. The focus lies on you as a person and supports you in your personal growth. Coaching is not meant to solve your problem, but to help you break down your barriers and develop new solutions. You learn to approach your challenges from a different perspective. To be truly aware of your desired impact, while being fully authentic. You may gain in self-confidence and feel empowered to step up to your challenges. To understand limiting beliefs and discovering hidden potentials and talents. Coaching processes typically run over a period of 6 months, but the intensity varies depending on the topic. The one-to-one sessions take place in a strictly confidential setting.

Our approach is solution-focused, holistic and resource-based.

Coaching is for those with courage to challenge the status quo. For those who want to grow and collaborate in a people oriented way. For those who want to drive change – in their life, in their organization, in our society.

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  • Deputy Head of Unit
    I absolutely recommend that you put yourself in the able hands of Julia Lemmer. Under her guidance you will embark in a journey that will bring your personal answers to any big or small management questions. Following your own rhythm and under your own priorities she will accompany you in a trip to grow personally and professionally, and at the end you will arrive exactly where you wanted to be.“
    Deputy Head of Unit
    European Commission

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