Lost in change and transformation? How to move forward?

Our fast-changing environment asks for constantly adapting ourselves. Structures disappear and change and traditional ways of leading and working are questioned, maybe even overcome. And the truth is simple: people and organizations struggle with change.
For real change to happen there are no short-cuts. We need to go the long way and need to allow for inner work. For moments of reflection to make sense of the changes and what these changes mean for us.
And that’s what coaching is there for. Coaching helps to gain clarity in misty situations. Coaching allows for inner work and proves an excellent mean for leadership and organizational development.

We support individuals, teams and organisations in times of change – to enable them to address their challenges in a consciously chosen way.

What we do

We provide coaching services to leaders and organizations.


Zoom in: Focus on the individual

We accompany individuals with professional coaching to unleash their potential – as leaders, as individuals – to thrive in their role and their career.


Zoom out: Focus on the organisation

We accompany organisations to make them more human centred work places. Work places in which people can thrive and bring their best selves to work.

Who we are
At Hanaco we co-create solution with our clients. We, that's Julia, the founder of Hanaco Consulting and her network partners. Julia has more than 12 years of experience in accompanying organisations and individuals through change, in international organisations, SMEs and start-ups. She holds a master in organisational psychology and is a trained business coach. Her work is driven by a combination of an analytical and pragmatic way of working that enables individuals, teams and organisations to fully lean into their responsibility – so they create the change they want to create in the world.

  • Deputy Head of Unit
    I absolutely recommend that you put yourself in the able hands of Julia Lemmer. Under her guidance you will embark in a journey that will bring your personal answers to any big or small management questions. Following your own rhythm and under your own priorities she will accompany you in a trip to grow personally and professionally, and at the end you will arrive exactly where you wanted to be.“
    Deputy Head of Unit
    European Commission